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The best lawn I've ever mown!

The best lawn I've ever mown! I scored tickets to the Brisbane international women's final through a challenge: mow the seller's lawn.

So on Saturday morning, I arrived at the Seller's house - lawnmower in tow! Luckily for me, it wasn't a farm-size allotment, instead an inner-city backyard patch in Brisbane.

Mind you, the lawn was knee-length high after an intense summer of rain! It took a couple of hours, and I threw in some whipper snippering to boot.

Pretty easy exchange for some top tickets to the Tennis!

Thanks Spare Ticket!


I took a challenge and scored tickets to the Brisbane International Women's Final!

I took a challenge and scored tickets to the Brisbane International Women's Final!I took a challenge and scored tickets to the Brisbane International Women's Final!

I knew a potential dilemma was on my hands when I left it too late to get good seats to the Women's Final at the Brisbane International. I scored some tickets to the Open for Christmas from my fiancé, and I knew I pretty much owed her some tickets to the final in return.

Brisbane International

Short of hassling all my buddies to sell me theirs, I went online and let Google help me out instead. I stumbled across which had some great seat tickets for the final. All I had to do was sign up and pay cash or take a challenge. Being the adventurous sort and given my wallet was pretty dry after Christmas, I took the challenge: mow the seller's lawn! I picked up the tickets a couple of days before the match and needless to say I'm definitely in the fiancé's good books now!

The match saw Petra Kvitova and Andrea Petkovic battle it out in a strong game in Kvitova's favour. She ripped through with 6-1 6-3! It was a great game. Now, all I've gotta do is load up the ute next Saturday and mow a new-friend's lawn. Pretty easy if you ask me! I'll post an update and let you know how it goes ... hope it's not a 5 acre property!

Cheers Spare Ticket!


Sunset Sound tickets sold within 4 hours

Sunset Sounds tickets sold within 4 hours!

I had tickets that I couldn't use to a music festival happening that afternoon. I had totally expected to write them off (adios $320!), until someone at work mentioned I should give a shot. I had nothing to lose really, as I'd exhausted all my avenues, emailing and Facebooking friends.

I uploaded the tickets at 11am and by 3pm I had a buyer! He was searching through Twitter and came across Spare Ticket's tweets. Right time, right place ... he even lived in the same suburb as my work, so within 30 minutes of receiving his email, he was at my work collecting the tickets and making his way to Sunset Sounds.

I was shocked at the speed it took to sell. I had even listed the tickets on Gumtree at the same time, but didn't have any bites. I'm stoked I got some of the money back for the tickets and they were put to good use.



A night with U2

A night with U2The below is a review submitted via the SpareTicket Facebook Page about the recent U2 360 Show!

U2 at

”An amazing show. Bono and the boys really know how to entertain a crowd.

Favourite moment - when the disco ball shone all the light over the stadium and he sang “With or Without you”.


Next time they come to town I'll be looking on for the best seats in the house!

The Bike Destined to be a Classic

The Bike Destined to be a ClassicThe world loves the Mini Cooper. And no wonder, with over fifty years of history the Cooper name is legendary in motor racing. So when the Cooper family designed and launched their own must-have collection of bicycles the UK and Europe embraced the new bikes on the block, knowing that they had the roadworthy luxury of their beloved Mini.

The Cooper bike range is engineered for life, easy to maintain, a purchase to last you a lifetime, an heirloom bike. What more could you want in a classic.

Inspired by lightweight racing bikes of the 1960's, we are talking serious style that uses the latest technology. These bikes aren't shy they are just understated, a quality build, subtle lines, good components like the Brooks Saddles, Sturmey Archer running gear and the Reynolds frame and Tekro brakes that won't let you down.

They just look good, perform well, and are a testament to the Cooper heritage. Think style, fashion statement, and just damn fine engineering. These are a well specced bike. What can I say, the bikes are cool,' said Kurt.

You want to look like you have been riding a bicycle your whole life. This is the bike.

If you want classic style and functionality, then go the COOPER. Check out the range: